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The Canada West chapter of Sisters in Crime is a completely volunteer-run association of lovers of crime fiction. To see our list of current members click here.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for all decisions affecting the chapter, and together with our Members at Large, we’re the driving force behind events, communication and promotion.

The 2020 Executive:

Members at Large

Want to have a say in what Sisters in Crime—Canada West does in your city?

SinC-CW needs Members-at-Large to help plan and execute projects throughout the year with on-the-ground know-how and contacts, ideas and organizational talents. Working in partnership with the Executive Committee, you can help guide the creation of local events that best match our members’ interests and needs. We would really love a member at large for Vancouver Island!

Current Members at Large:




Contact us for more details and to find out how you can contribute to your local Sisters in Crime.