Winners of Early Renewal Prize Draw!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our draws for early renewal prizes (eligible members are those who renewed their membership for 2019 before December 31, 2018).

We had two prizes to offer this year: first, a refund of our chapter membership dues for 2019, and second (thanks to the generous folks at Sisters in Crime National) reimbursement of the registration fee for Whale of a Crime, the 2019 edition of Left Coast Crime, taking place in Vancouver in March, 2019.

And the winners are…..

Chapter membership dues — Winona Kent

Left Coast Crime registration fee — Loreth Beswestherick

Congratulations to the two winners and thanks to all who renewed their membership early. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Member New Book Alert: Murder Knows No Season by Cathy Ace

When we hear that one of our members has a new book coming out, we know we’re in store for a treat. Sometimes we don’t hear about it until after the fact, which always makes us feel like we should have known sooner. (Moral of the story: if you have a book coming, please let us know well in advance. It’s our pleasure to add an item right here on our web site to help spread the word.)

Of course, a new book by Cathy Ace is such a treat, it almost doesn’t need introduction. Yet we’re glad to know about Murder Knows No Season, which is available now.

Murder Knows No Season is a terrific introduction to the world of mystery by Cathy Ace.

The book is comprised of four very different novellas, one for each season.

WINTER: The Corpse with Eight Faces: A Cait Morgan Mystery
Trapped in a snowbound lodge in the Canadian countryside, Cait is faced with a corpse, and a group of eight suspects. A classic closed-circle mystery featuring Cait Morgan, before she and Bud Anderson knew each other well enough for her to be able to call upon him for help.

SPRING: The Case of the Desperate Duchess: A WISE Enquiries Agency Mystery
Christine Wilson-Smythe’s cousin, Lady Jacintha Wraysbury, calls in the WISE Enquiries Agency to hunt for a missing girl: her assistant at her flower shop. In this early case for the agency, readers join the private investigators as they scour West London for a girl who’s in more danger than any of them imagine.

SUMMER: A standalone thriller Out and About in a Boat  
Meet the Golightlys, an average Canadian family. When dad Dave wants to take his fifteen year-old son Zack and thirteen year-old daughter Becky for a weekend at a local lake, mum Debbie is hesitant. After all, she and Dave are separated for good reason. But what could go wrong in just thirty hours? When there’s a dead body involved, quite a lot.

AUTUMN: The Fall: A DI Evan Glover Case
Not all Welshmen are rugby fans, only the ones who breathe. DI Evan Glover has played and loved the game since he was a boy, so when the body of one of Wales’ most celebrated rugby players — GGR Davies — is found at the bottom of a cliff, the question “Did he jump, or was he pushed?” is one of national significance. As he digs into what might have led to the tragedy, Glover discovers his hero might not have been the man he — and all of Wales — thought he was.

You can read more about Cathy on her web site here.