We’re Grateful For

Ninety percent of the time, when asked who they believe contributes to the success of an organization like ours, people will mention members of the Board or executive. And that makes sense, because those are the people whose faces and names are on the website and who are formally charged with the responsibility of shepherding the chapter along.

But there are other members who give time and energy to Canada West, quietly and cheerfully. Who never ask to be recognized. Without whom our chapter would be much less vibrant, and without whom our executive members would find their jobs that much more difficult.

It’s time, we’ve decided, to let these people know just how special we believe they are.

We’re Grateful For Isobel McDonald

So let us tell you about Isobel McDonald, who has been a member of our chapter since February of 2018. Because our chapter has a wide-spread base and we conduct almost all our meetings online, the first time many of us met Isobel face-to-face was at our 2018 retreat in Victoria. She made other attendees feel welcome and comfortable and we suspect we gained a few new members that weekend because Isobel made others want to spend time in an organization she belongs to.

Isobel is the type of person who will sit down beside you at the Surrey International Writers Conference and say, “I just want you to know you’re doing a great job with the chapter.” For no reason other than she wants to give you a pat on the back. How did she know that pat on the back would come at exactly the right time?

Then there are our anthologies. For both of them, Isobel has been our independent reader—the one who reads the stories submitted by members of the anthology committee and offers an independent assessment. It’s not an easy task to judge short stories and usually the deadlines are somewhat demanding. Isobel pulls it off with aplomb, and on time.

We’re grateful for Isobel, her quiet, cheerful, welcoming presence, and the contributions that she makes to Canada West, which she may think are no big deal. But which we know go a long way to making our chapter the success it is.


Our “Grateful” posts will be infrequent and members of the chapter are encouraged to suggest siblings who have made a special, unrecognized, contribution. Send your suggestions to info@sinc-cw.ca.