Carolanne Papoutsis

We interviewed our member, Carolanne Papoutsis. Here’s what she had to say:

Your Writing: Genre, Length, Process

What genres do you write? Do you write short stories, novellas, novels? Some or all?
A: Short Crime Stories mostly. Working on a novel.

Are you a planner/outliner/architect or a pantser/gardener/discovery writer?
A: Pantser

Do your characters come first, or do the stories (i.e., were the characters looking for a story or vice versa?)
A: Stories come first, then I find characters to fit the stories.

Where do you write? If you have a specific workspace (or more), provide a description. Do you prefer music, silence, or some other noise in the background when you write? If music, what kind?
A: I like to sit at my dining room table and look at the ocean. Silence is preferred, but seldom happens.

Inspiration and Influences

Were there any early influences as a reader that have guided the stories you create as a writer? What were they?
A: Phyllis Whitney, Daphne duMaurier were my first favourite authors.

Where do you find ideas for your stories? Can you tell us about the spark for one of your publications?
A. I am extremely fortunate to know many fascinating, eccentric and truly interesting people.

Characters, Setting, Theme

Are there certain themes that keep coming up in your work? If so, is it intentional, or something that just happens?
A: Parents (or the lack of them) figure prominently in my stories.

Your Current Project

What’s your current writing project? How do you feel about it right this minute?
A: I’m currently writing a novel. I feel that it has good possibilities.

Life as a Writer

Other than Sisters in Crime, do you belong to any other writer’s groups or communities? Do you think these types of social interactions are important for writers?
A: I also belong to Crime Writers of Canada. Yes, I believe these groups are very helpful to writers.

Have you had to deal with bad reviews? How do you manage them?
A: I’d probably ignore them.

If you were asked to speak to a group of fledgling writers, what would your best advice be?
A: Write and keep on writing, no matter what.