Education Grant Money Available to Members

With so many demands on our pocketbooks and our time, it can be difficult to justify participation everywhere there is a call. This is one of the things your executive is keeping sharply in mind as we negotiate the waters around our young chapter. How do we bring the highest possible value to our members? And how do we make our organization relevant to our membership: present and future?

One of the ways is to share the opportunities available only to members of Sisters in Crime. For example, each year our parent (mother!) organization gives out money to members looking to enhance their profile and their knowledge in the form of an Education Grant fund.

All it takes to begin the process is a simple application. All it takes to qualify is attendance at an approved workshop/class/or conference and three previous years of continuous SinC membership.

You can see a list of approved educational opportunities here. Submit your application for a grant of up to $150 here.

We think this is a wonderful membership benefit, and we hope you will take advantage of it. If you have any questions, you can e-mail the grant team at

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