RM Greenaway


RM Greenaway is a British Columbia award-winning author. She has several novels to her credit, as well as short stories.

COLD GIRL, inspired by the long roads and deep snow of a northern winter, won the 2014 Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished novel, and became the first of the BC Blues crime series, an ongoing RCMP procedural published by Dundurn Press. Three of R.M. Greenaway’s short stories have appeared in anthologies: Keene Hill, The Threshold, and Rozotica. If you’d like to know more or get in touch, drop by www.rmgreenaway.com. She’d love to hear from you!

Below are blurbs about RM Greenaway’s novels:

Cold Girl

A damaged RCMP officer on the tipping edge of defeat is transferred — banished, in his mind — to the Hazeltons in the northern half of BC, where he is drawn into two missing persons cases. Or is it only one? The concerted and very public search is on for a popular rockabilly singer who walked away from a party without explanation. But there’s also the ghost of a young woman only he seems to believe has walked into the unknown. There are slips and falls along the way, for Constable Dion, with more to come. But he’s back on his feet.


Dion is back with the North Van RCMP, helping solve the bewildering and brutal murder of an upstanding young electrician and his family. The case is spinning its wheels when a flashy nightclub owner is assassinated, straining resources and burdening the investigative team. Is there some twisted link between the two cases? Meanwhile Dion’s attempts at a triumphant homecoming are foundering. No longer feeling like one of the team and lured by the prospect of a looser life outside the force, he burns his bridges and abandons his post. But fun on the outside soon bleeds into fear, and he’s left wondering where — if anywhere — lies home.


Late October, and something in the rain forest around Lynn Valley is scaring people to death. Literally. But has the something that’s given a hiker a coronary the same something that’s mauled John Doe to death, bagged him up and left him in a crawlspace? RCMP constables Dave Leith and Cal Dion investigate, reunited in uneasy alliance. Then on Halloween a young trick-or-treater is struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. Tragic but unrelated, so they think. Until a sinister merging begins to take shape…  

Flights and Falls

The attempted murder of a North Shore constable appears to tie in with a car crash fatality on the Sea-to-Sky highway, which seems to tie in with an execution-style murder in the Maplewood Flats. Three incidents united by a single common thread, pointing to a mysterious and malicious prankster, but the motive remains frustratingly at large, until Dion looks skyward.

River of Lies

A toddler vanished from her crib whila party swings upstairs, the disappearance only the first of a string of related tragedies. Young people are dying along the Seymour River, and the team investigates in the relentless rain, trying to pick apart truth from lies, desperate to find the vital clue that will lead to an arrest and maybe – though hope is fading fast – to the rescue of the missing infant.