Event Policies

Our website and information about our conference and events could contain inaccuracies, even though we try our  best to avoid mistakes. Information on our website is for general information only. We may make changes at any time without notice.

2020 Conference Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be made if you cancel your registration on or after October 1, 2020. For other cancellations, we will provide refunds as follows:

Date Cancellation Notice Received Refund
On or before May 31, 2020 Registration fee less Cdn $35 processing fee
From June 1, 2020 until September 30, 2020 50% of your registration fee

If you wish to cancel your registration for the conference, please send an email to treasurer@sinc-cw.ca and provide us with a mailing address.

Change Policy

Information about the program and list of speakers for the 2020 Conference, as well as associated social events, set out on our website is current as of the date noted. Unfortunately situations may arise (for example a speaker being delayed in arriving at the event, or having to withdraw from the event) which will require us to make changes to the program, associated events, and/or speakers. Accordingly, we reserve the right to make changes to the conference at any time without notice.

Sisters in Crime – Canada West Event Conduct Guidelines

The following conduct guidelines are based in part on the Code of Conduct of the national organization, Sisters in Crime, Inc. (which is set out below).

Your attendance at a Sisters in Crime – Canada West event in any capacity constitutes your agreement to conduct yourself in accordance with these guidelines and the Code of Conduct.
You agree

  • To foster and encourage a collegial, positive, safe and respectful environment for speakers, event attendees and venue staff alike,
  • To interact with others with respect, tact and discretion, using language appropriate for a mixed audience and avoiding derogatory or inflammatory remarks,
  • To discuss personal writing projects within professional boundaries,
  • To silence cell phones during presentations,
  • To be aware of others’ allergies and refrain from bringing nuts into the conference and from wearing scents.

Sisters in Crime – Canada West reserves the right to revoke, without recompense, event passes of those who contravene the Code of Conduct and to deny offenders attendance at future events.

If you encounter any behaviour while attending the event that makes you feel threatened, please report it to a member of the Executive of Sisters in Crime – Canada West.

 Sisters in Crime, Inc. Code of Conduct

 The Sisters in Crime, Inc. Code of Conduct is set out on their website at www.sistersincrime.org but for convenience we have replicated it below:

We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, citizenship, medical condition, genetic information or any other relevant characteristic. Sisters in Crime will be free of any discrimination, abuse, or harassment based on these, or any other, factors.

Harassment and discrimination are behaviors that threaten, alarm, or make someone uncomfortable. All meetings and board actions will be free from discrimination and harassment. Sisters in Crime will not accept or tolerate offensive, abusive or other unwanted behavior which discriminates, violates personal dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile or humiliating environment (e.g. physical, psychological, verbal or any other form of harassment).

This Code of Conduct applies to anyone acting at any time or in any place under the banner of Sisters in Crime including: board members, chapter board members, employees, and volunteers. Additionally, our members and their guests must comply with this policy when attending events sponsored by Sisters in Crime.